Based on true story
About The Auhtor

Amilia Powers

With my passion-driven focus on helping others, I am a very active person who is highly committed to my role as an inspirational mentor. Through my mentorship, I work with clients in either individual or group settings and forums to help them in their life transitions. I believe that there are no regrets necessary in life, only opportunities to learn from mistakes that are the result of wrong choices. With this at the heart of my inspirational healing and transformational practices, I am committed to finding a way to reach out to anyone in need as they navigate through the challenges of their life. I stand behind my clients with encouragement to help them pick up the pieces and become stronger through their trials, improve self-awareness, and increase self-love so they can live happier and healthier lives.

“I enjoy teaching individuals the importance of self-value, the understanding of how this can help you make better choices.”

About The Book


based on true story

Amilia is a widow, who after several years of grieving the loss of her belated husband, hoped and dreamt that one day she would be able to fall in love again. When that day arrived she felt a glimmer of hope. A man who would care for her and treat her like the love she once knew. She mistook that for amazing love and unfortunately it turned into pain and torment. The fear of letting go consumed her because she loved him and wanted the relationship to work. All she felt and tried to hold onto was the day they first met. Each chapter will keep you in suspense. You are following a woman planning her escape from the violence and control of an abusive man's clutches. Pain Behind Broken Vases will have you sitting on the edge of your seat from the first paragraph.

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